Title:The Spotted Suprise
Main Character(s):Kion and Fuli
Other Characters:Bunga,Ono,Beshte,Jioni and Katika

Kion was pacing around on pride rock 'til he heard Ono.

KION!2 LIONS WE HAVENT SEEN BEFORE IN THE PRIDELANDS HAVE CROSSED OVER THE BORDER! Ono says and they rush to the border along with Bunga and Beshte.

They see 2 Lionesses...Jioni and Katika.

Kion raises an eyebrow.

Who are you and what do you want? Kion asks and Jioni smiles.

Prince Kion,You have had your troubles and heartbreaks,right? Jioni asks and Kion nods,wondering how they know that.

Well allow us to ease some of that pain for you. Katika tells Kion and Kion raises an eyebrow until suddenly...Fuli comes out and everyone except Jioni and Katika freeze.

T-This Isn't real...this CAN'T be real.. Kion keeps saying as Fuli walks over to him and smiles.

Hi,Kion! Fuli says and Kion tears up.

I-I can't believe it... Kion says and Hugs Fuli so much they both fall down,YOUR'E ALIVE!

Fuli laughs.

Yeah,Im alive...ive BEEN alive! Fuli asks and Kion looks at her.

T-Then why haven't you returned til now? Kion asks and Fuli chuckles.

Well...I had to wait til you got over what happened to approach you. Fuli says and Kion laughs and shrugs

Well...what now? Kion asks and Fuli shrugs..

this will be a loooong life

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