Authors Note: This takes place after Exile

After everyone had gone back inside Kion angrily confronted Simba.

"Father why?" He said angrily.

Simba sighed.

"I'm sorry Kion I had no choice, she's still loyal to her father" he said.

"Father!, she loves me, why would she still be loyal to Kesho, he abused her for her whole life, AND he killed her mother, she's crazy if she's still loyal to someone that caused her endless amounts of pain and heartache" Kion exclaimed.

"She could go back to him" Simba said.

Kion scoffed.

"Are you implying that if I was in that situation I could leave my homeland and go to a place similar to hell?,Dad, Fuli loves me and she's a wonderful addition to the Pridelands, You're the only one that's doing fault in this situation Father, Kiara and I care about Fuli and this is devastating to us, You're making your own children suffer just because you're worried you'll lose us like you lost Grandpa, I know you love us and I love you too, but I just want to make you understand, I'm actually happy for the first time ever, I found someone that cares about me and will stand by my side, if you can't understand that then maybe you shouldn't be king" Kion said.

Simba turned away from his son.

"Father please listen to him" Kiara begged.

"Dad, I know Grandpa wouldn't have wanted his homeland to be run like this, This goes against The Circle Of Life, don't you remember what you taught me, Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope." Kion concluded.

Simba paced the ground anxiously.

"Hmm, was it really a good choice to exile someone that Kion's obviously very fond of?, and the rest of the pride loves her as well, maybe Kion's right, I need to fix this mistake, I'll send someone to bring her back" Simba thought.

Simba turned back to Kion.

"Ok Kion, bring Fuli home" he said smiling.

Kion grinned broadly and after nuzzling Simba's leg, he bounded off.

As Kion raced across the savannah, he came across Bunga.

"Hey Bunga, what's up?" He asked.

"Kion!!' Fuli's with the hyenas!!" Bunga shouted.

Kion groaned.

"Are they hurting her?" He asked.

Bunga shook his head.

Kion paced the ground as he thought.

Finally he turned back to Bunga.

"I'm not jumping to conclusions without assessing the situation, Let's go" he said.

Kion and Bunga raced across the Pridelands looking for Fuli.

"Oh my darling I hope you're safe" Kion murmured.

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