The Forest Guard


The forest guard is newly formed rag-tag group of animals who protect the forest areas surrounding the Pridelands. Like the Lion Guard, The Forest Guard has the same roles each group members must have to be part of the team, but they also include The Wisest member of the team.


When Sengo was a young cub, he was fasinated with the stories of the lion guard and how the protected the Pridelands and The Circle of Life. So when he was older, he decided to form his own team since the forest area of the Pridelands wasn't always protected by the lion guard and that there wasn't a lion guard currently. As the lion guard was usually consisting of lions, Sengo thought it would be a good idea to make his team out of leopards. When he tried to recruit his leopard friends and family to join his cause, they all laughed at him and told him his dream was a lost cause. After this Sengo was almost ready to give up.

However, when Sengo witness Kion and his new Lion Guard save the Pridelands from Janja and his hyena clan, he realized that in order for his team to work he needed to recruit members who were not leopards but still meet the criteria. Afterwards, he asks some his other animals friends and some other animals he meet that he thought would make great members. Before long, Sengo had created his Forest Guard and they began to protect the forest areas of the Pridelands.


1. Sengo (Founder/ Leader/The Fiercest)

2. Ugo (Keenest of Sight)

3. Giwa (The Strongest)

4. Betoto (The Fastest)

5. Jasiri (The Bravest)

6. Pua (The Wisest)

Team Description

1. Sengo- a teenage male leopard and leader/founder of the Forest Guard as well as the Fiercest of the group.

2. Ugo- a male African fish eagle and the Keenest of Sight in the group. He is the

3. Giwa- a female African forest elephant and the Strongest member

4. Betoto- a male ostrich and the Fastest of the Group

5. Jasiri- a young female hyena and the Bravest of the group

6. Pua- an old male crocodile and the Wisest of the group

Tales of the Forest Guard

The Sun was shinning high and the birds of the Pridelands were singing in the sky. Sengo sat in the trees as he gazed upon the magnificent view of the Pridelands.


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