"There is no hero in the Lands so true or so brave. I respect and admire the other Prides, but my heart is here, with The Eclipse Pride-the Pride of heroes, the Pride of compassion, the Pride of destiny."

The Eclipse Pride
The Eclipse Pride
blotting out, blocking, covering, obscuring, hiding, concealing, veiling, shrouding, occultation, darkening
Lion, with Crocodile assistance
Nightclaw 6000
-Mohatu on his Eclipse ancestry

The Eclipse Pride is a pride of lions that live in the Pride Lands. They follow the Circle of Life, though they did not know that name. It is one of the Pride Landers's ancestors and was founded by Eclipse, but it already established traditions and ceremonies. Like the Pridelanders, they a Lion Guard and help a lot of animals with Crocodiles at their side.

Members (In Order of Rank)


Young medium tan-furred muscular male with a thick tail (also known as Scott)


Black-furred male with long, smooth fur (also known as Shadow)

Lion Guard:

Young medium black-and-tan muscular female with a thick tail (also known as Winter)


Tom- young brown-and-tan male with a thick tail and long fur

Silas- small male with wiry silver-gray fur

Simon- male with orange-and-brown shaggy fur, a thick tail, pointed ears, and white eyes

Finn- white male with pointed ears and a black splash on his chest

Alfred- brown-and-tan male with a long, furry mane


Lawrence- white female with bright blue eyes (mate of Alfred)

Sandy- golden-and-yellowish female with golden eyes (aunt to Tom and mate of Silas)

Becky- Medium-sized female with a thick coat and white patches

Pinky- black-and-grey female with a golden ear and glittering eyes (maternal aunt to Tom)


Sand-colored male with brown-and-tan fur and a torn ear (also known as Thunder)


Jamie- Sand-colored female with shaggy fur (pup of Alfred and Lawrence)

Nyra- Sand-colored female with glowing moonstone eyes (pup of Alfred and Lawrence)

Abraham- Brown-and-tan colored male with white patches, white paws, and pointed ears

Former Members

  • Eclipsestar
  • Prince
  • Nancy
  • Nightingale
  • Marshscar
  • Arsulu

More Coming Soon


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