Fuli ran to the tree and saved the young turtle from a hyena. She traveled to take the turtle back to it's mother. Ono sighed. " Kion. Bunga wants to play BaoBab Ball again... " Kion was stressed. He heard Fuli walking in. " Hi Kion, " she said. " Hello Fuli, and Bunga, We don't play BaoBab Ball anymore. We're teens. Remember? " Bunga remembered the good times Kion and Bunga had. " I sure miss playing BaoBab Ball. " Kion heard a roar. It wasn't his roar. He checked outside and found Simba and a lion from another pride, fighting. By the time Kion got outside. Simba was clawed on his face a few times. And a split second. Kion got thrown back. Simba got a deep cut on the stomach. Lots of scars on him. Simba was dead. The lion ran away in victory. Kion shrugged. " Dad. No! Fuli, get Kiara and the lionesses! Fuli ran outside and told them. They all cried. " There must be a new king! " They chose Kovu to be king. Kovu roared loudly with Nala as she cried. " Simba is with Mufasa now. " The lioness cried in joy on their new king, Kovu was now the mate of Nala. They roared again -- End!

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