Four-toed hedgehog
A Friendly Lion

Tete is an adolescent female four-toed hedgehog.


Tete is small, even for a hedgehog. Like the rest of her kind, she has four toes on each foot. She has an oval-shaped body and a pointed head. Her muzzle curls upward, though not so much that it is obvious. Her spines are a soft umber, creamy brown at the tips. Her long face is a slightly lighter color than the bases of her spines. Both her nose and her eyes are small, shiny, and black. Her curved ears are subtly rounded, and the same color is her face. Her short, thin, circular legs are a dull pinkish brown, and the rest of her fur is a pale fallow. She has long white whiskers and a short tail.


Sassy and bright-spirited, Tete is a forceful hedgehog who trusts few. Prickly both outside and inside, she is a bit of a grouch and is wary around outsides. She is forthright and honest, with strong opinions and a desire to make herself heard. She is very firm in her decision-making, and tends to hold grudges. She does not appreciate being teased about her size, and she can become unreasonably defensive. However, she is also very bold, and though she tries to hide it, she is easily touched. She doesn't like young animals and avoids them at all costs.


Coming soon

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