Telav is a lion from the Nyasi Pride. He is an adolescent and goes to the Nyasi Hunting school.


Telav is an albino lion. He has green eyes and all white fur, except for on his small maine of his head, which is dyed green. He is consitered fun to be with, sweet, and a little cocky.


Telav was born and looked nothing like his parents- which scared them, because albinos are thought of as evil in some cultures. However he wasn't an outcast; he had lots of lion friends at his school. He proved to be very good at tackiling other lions. He also loved to experiment with dyes and paints from natural plants and bugs. One day he dyed his maine green; which made his dad very upset.

Appearances in Fanfictions

Telav appears in the first and last chapter of Stripe the Sky.


  • Telav is named after a city in Israel, Tel Aviv. He is on several fanons, like the Hunger Games fanon. His father is named after a city too, Safed.


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