Masai giraffe
A Friendly Lion
Tanzu is an adolescent male Masai giraffe and a member of the small bachelor herd of giraffes living just outside of the Imeatuka Desert.


Tanzu is a tall, muscular adolescent giraffe. He is well-built, but a slight trace of lankiness has followed him since his early adolescent years. His features are thin and round, with a narrow face, small ears, and slim legs that widen slightly towards his dark hooves. He has a pale tawny-yellow coat, splashed with closely-spaced blotches of russet brown. It is usually covered with dust, giving it a rather faded appearance, though during the rare time she is clean the colors are striking. His eyes are bright orange-red, his ears are pale tan with pink inside, and his nose is long and light brown. He has a scruffy orange-brown mane that stretches from the top of his neck to his shoulders. The ossicones atop his head are this same hue, each one marked by a faint black stripe that reaches upward from the base to connect with the top, which is entirely black. Though all giraffes have long necks, Tanzu's is especially noteworthy in its length.


Tanzu is a very colorful giraffe, lively and playful. He is very kind and benevolent, always well-meaning and never holding any grudges. He is eager to grow up and begin a mature, solitary life, but in the meantime he is happy to spend time with his buddies in the bachelor herd. Tanzu is gallant and hard to faze, never unprepared to take on what the Drylands dishes out. He never loses his spirit, even in the worst of times. Other members of his herd have called him crazy, but he prefers to describe himself as brave. However, there is no doubt whatsoever that he can be incautious, and he has endangered himself simply by not taking time to look around. Towards the mature female herd living nearby, he is occasionally flirtatious, though he respects them and doesn't bother them if they do not want to be bothered. He likes to make friends and is very jovial and affable towards all strangers. Tanzu never judges an animal by their species. He finds calves to be very funny and often laughs at their risible antics. He is a little shy around elderly animals. Whenever something is going on in the herd, he is certain to be in the thick of things.


Early Life

Tanzu was born outside of the Drylands. After he left his mother and her herd, he encountered a friendly male, Mwenzi, whom he instantly befriended. Together, they searched for a herd and eventually came upon the Drylander giraffes who had established a small bachelor group. Tanzu and his friend quickly joined in and became popular members.


  • Tanzu's original name was Shingo, meaning neck in Swahili, but this name was later claimed by a canon character.

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