Sungura belongs to The-Rootbeer-Queen. She is the youngest daughter of Simba and Nala. I adopted her on DA



Sungura's adoption picture

Sungura is a very happy girl. She's bubbly and playful, always being a big goofball. She's loving and sweet, always caring about others before herself. She's a little ray of sunshine, always being optimistic and happy. But at the same time she can be a bit naiive and too trusting. She doesn't see the warning signs and can get into lots of trouble because of it.


Sungura has her mother's main color. Her muzzle, underbelly, chest, and paws is her fathers undercolor. She part of her ear is the color of her father's mane. She has red eyes.


Sungura was a surprise to her family. She was born a while after Kion, and Nala had kept her pregnancy a secret. Sungura was immideately shown to be the most innocent and the baby of the family. Although her sister found her annoying at first, she soon grew to love her. Sungura always admired her brother and wanted to be just like him. She would often follow him hoping to help whenever possible.


Simba: dad

Nala: mom

Kiara: sister

Kovu: brother-in-law

Wawindajii: nephew

Pippi: niece

Samaki: niece

Kion: brother

Jasiri: sister-in-law

Mkali: nephew

Nyota: niece


Soon to be determined


  • Sungura means 'rabbit' in Swahili
  • She doesn't understand the discrimination that her father has for other animals
  • She has no crush at the moment
  • She is born around the time Kion is a teenager

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