Stu and Lou.

"The Idiotic, O-So-Good Adventures of Stu Pitt and Lou Surr" is a series about two friends who are forced to hang out with each other because they share the burden of being an outcast.

Both of them are Prideland residents, but live in a different pride, and, therefore, have no contact with any of the characters from The Lion King series.

Stu and Lou made their first appearance in 2005, at Lionking Created by ananas.

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Stu Pitt


First image of Stu (2005).

Stu Pitt is a male lion cub with a small brain. He lives so far from reality, that it's hard to have a decent conversation with him, as he's only able to spurt out random remarks. Nobody likes to hang out with him and Stu never gets treated with any respect, yet he is friendly, and his low intellect makes him deaf for any kind of insult.

While he generally doesn't care whether he's alone or not, he does appreciate Lou's company and accepted her as his friend ever since they met.

Stu has dark orange fur, a cowlick, big nose/muzzle, small ears, and one eye bigger than the other. He is fairly tall, as he is reaching the age of puberty.

Lou Surr


First image of Lou (2005).

Lou Surr is a female lion cub. Because of her strange looks, she has never had a real friend in her life. She is the classic bully-victim.

The "forced" aspect in her and Stu's friendship mainly comes from her. While he annoys her more than anything else, Lou does not like to be alone and, therefore, keeps returning to him.
She has a bit of a temper and is hard to please.

Lou is skinny, has yellow/orange fur, messy hair in a ponytail tied up with a pink ribbon, big eyebrows, a bulge over her left eye, and long floppy ears. She also wears braces.


  • "Stu Pitt" is a homophone for "stupid".
  • "Lou Surr" is a homophone for "loser".
  • Originally the characters are/were in the same art style as the characters from The Tiger King.
  • Stu and Lou were purely created as a joke, which explains Lou's unnatural appearance (pink hair ribbon, braces).
  • The bulge over Lou's eye is not unlike Quasimodo's from "The Hunchback of the Notre Dame".

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