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Title Stripe the Sky
Creator District10male
Main Character Tigerstripe
Other Characters Eclipse, Kopa, Kirgu, Spotty, Telav, and others

Stripe the Sky is a upcoming Lion King fanon story written by District10male. It features Tigerstripe as the main character, along with original Lion King character Kopa.

What I am willing to tell you

Hey, everyone! It's been a while since I did this sorta thing, so I'm writing a new story. I don't want to spoil it... so here's what I will let you know so far...

  • There will be six chapters, i think, including a prolouge or two.
  • Kopa is a type of villian in this story.
  • Tigerstripe is a teenager... and Kirgu is maybe 50 in a human years.




For several of my fan-fictions I add a soundtrack, a list of songs that go with the story. I like to listen to them while I write it. Here is a few songs that go with this:

Prolouge: The Stargazing

Coming soon

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