Stay off the Cliff! is a Rennee dillon stories.

Present Characters

  • Dogo
  • Zigbi
  • Ella
  • Zimwa
  • Kiara
  • Kovu
  • Vitani


Ella meets Zimwa again, but Zigbi gets mad at her and tells Dogo about it.


  • Roola: Rise and Shine, Cubs and adults!
  • Kiara: Good Morning, Roola!
  • Roola: Good Morning, Queen!
  • Ella: Now, I must go out and play, Goodbye!
  • Zigbi: Me Too!
  • Vitani: Oh Yes, I must meet Kopa at the cold lands.
  • Kovu: Come on, Kiara!
  • Zimwa: Look, Hey You!
  • Zigbi: Not her again!
  • Ella: Oh, it makes me smile to see you again!
  • Zigbi: No!

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