Name Speckles
Meaning None (named for the three specks under each of her eyes)
Species Lion
Affiliation(s) Pridelanders
Close Relations

Daughter of Dotty and Nuka, sister of Kumbuka, mate of Kizazi, sister-in-law of Upelelezi

Speckles is the second born child of Nuka and Dotty, as well as little sister of Kumbuka in my (Ladybernard's) fanfiction, Lion King 3: Hyena Rules (Page). She plays a small part in the sequel, Upelelezi's Journey.

Speckles was born three months after Nuka's death (she was conceved the day of Nuka's death).


Young Cub

Speckles is a playful cub, who is very close to her friend (and future mate) Kizazi. She loves to irk her brother (as shown in chapter 3), who never seems to want to play!


As a cub in her early to mid teens, Speckles is shown to have become much snarkier, and rude to other cubs (albiet supposedly playful teasing). She is shown, however, to have a softer side, as she's clearly in love with Kizazi.


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Young Cub

Speckles has a dark gray coat, with a muddy-brown colored underbelly, and uncolored toes. Her claws are extended like those of an Outlander, but her nose is that of a Pridelander. Traits like these she gets from her mother. Also from Dotty, she gets the three little specks under each eye. Her eyes are a very bright red, like Nuka's, her eyebrows are thin, she has no eyeshades (like Kumbuka), and her inner-ears are dark brown. Also, Speckles has uncolored toes.


As a teenager, Speckles coat has gotten a little bit darker. Also, she has gotten a bit more femine and dainty shape, slighlt resembling Nala in a few ways.


Coming soon!

Early Design

In an early draft of Hyena Rules, Speckles went by the name of 'Waarom', and was unrelated to Nuka (although Kizazi and 'Waarom' were still planned to marry). Her personality was never gone into, and the character was scrapped for Speckles.

In another, later draft, Speckles was Safi, the twin sister of Trotse, an early version of Kumbuka. They were now Nuka and Dotty's children, but greatly resembled Pridelanders, and they were later changed to resemble Outlanders (along with their names being changed).


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