Adult Spear

Spear is an outlander lioness with an unusual black coat along with dark grey ear rims, and lighter gray muzzle, belly, eyespots, and toes. She has a head tuft similar to Vitani's. Her nose and inside ears are pink. Her eyelids are midnight grey. She has piercing bright red eyes with bright yellow eye whites. Her tail tuft is grey, and there is a bright red scar in the shape of an X on her side.


Spear is sassy, fun, and a fierce fighter.


Spear was born in the Outlands. Her mother is Lazy-eye and her father is Benga. As a cub, she loved to play, and her favorite playmates are Vitani, Digger, Spotty, and Dotty.

As an adult, she became much more serious and her former playmates became the lionesses who fought with her in the war. Simba gave her her scar. Currently in Kovu's pride, she plays a role as an expert hunter and fighter.


  • "What now, Zira?" - after Nuka's Death
  • "A lie is'int true until you make it true."- to Maka when she plans Simba's Death


  • Since Spear was created, her designs are inspired by later characters from Makenna, Neo and his mother Kijinga.

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