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Six (Swahili)
The Queen's Best Friend
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The Lion King: The Royal Generations (By Tama)
Close Relations
Daughter of Eusi, Mother of Veho and Vejo
Sita is the daughter of Eusi and Narita. She is Chumvi 's character.


Sita has yellow fur which she gets from her father chest fur and toe fur.She has cream-yellow chest fur. She has gold and darker yellow around her eyes. She has a dark-pinkish pride lander nose.She has orange inside her eye. She has a brown eye color.


She has a personality similar to her father. As a cub, she was playful around Tama. But when she was around her sister, she was depressed. The reason she was depressed was because the Hunters killed her Mother, Father, Sister, and her brother. When she grew up she became happy and cheerful. 



Tama and Sita have a loving relationship. Tama cares about her deeply. Sita is shown to care about her very much. When Tama hit her head on a rock, Sita was shown to be worried sick. Sita and Tama love to play Hide 'n Seek, Tag, and they love to race. Tama seemed to worry about her when Vitani hurt her.  


Eusi is shown to love her daughter. Sita loved her father very much. She was seen in her father's arms multiple times. When Eusi died Sita did not accept it.  


Sita loves Narita very much. When Narita got shot by the Hunters, Sita was seen laying next to her dead body, crying. 


"I will beat you!"
—- Sita to Tama

—- Sita when her parents die

"Beat ya!"
—- Sita to Tama after she won the race

"You like him don't you!"
—- Sita confronting Tama

"The Good 'Ol days!"
—- Sita talking about how Tama and her when they were newborns

"Knew It!"
—- Sita when she found out that Tama likes Kion

Voice Actors

  • Cub: Hayden Pannetierre- voice of Dot from A Bug's Life
  • Teenager: Nicole Oliver- voice of Zoe from Littlest Pet Shop
  • Adult: Kareena Kapoor- voice of Laila from Roadside Romeo


Eusi: Father

Narita: Mother

Brathee: brother

Machozi: Grandfather

Bozaa: Son

Eyne: Grandson


  • She used to have a crush on Tama, and might still.
  • Sita has brown eyes, but in the picture where she's jumping she has green eyes.
  • She has been in a relationship with Kion in an alternate universe.
  • She loves hunting
  • She lives with her uncle.


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