Title:Sisi Ni Sawa
Main Character:Kion
Other Characters:Jasiri

Kion slowly opened his eyes and found himself in the outlands.

Huh?Fuli?Bunga? Kion said,but realized he was alone,Oh No...

HI! Kion heard from behind him and turned.What he found was a female Hyena pup who looked his age.He instantly jumped back and growled.

Wow, You're temperamental. The Pup said and Kion raised an eyebrow.Why wasn't the Hyena attacking him?

Well, i've had a rough day, so back off! Kion said,but the pup stood her ground.

Do you really think all Hyenas are as bad as you think they are when we have so much in common? The Pup said.

What are you talking about? Kion said.

Never judge a Hyena by their spots,Kion...Im Jasiri...and We have so much in common that...We are the same. Jasiri said and Kion instantly shook his head.

No!All Hyenas are bad! Kion said.

you think that,,but that isn't the case... Jasiri said,then walked to Kion.

and after a brief song that ran almost 3 minutes...Kion realized that not all Hyenas were bad.

But are the same? Kion asked.

We both are alone..In the outlands...with noone to help us. Jasiri replied and Kion nodded his head..he understood now...Lions and Hyenas have more in common than any Lion would Imagine...

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