Siri final design
Name Siri
Meaning Secret (Swahili)
Species Lion
Affiliation(s) Hodari Pride, Pridelands
Close Relations

Friend of Maliki, Former Mate of Mshtuko

Siri is a character from The Lion King: Royal Generations. He looks like Scar.


Siri has an interesting coloring, he looks almost exactly Scar despite not being one of his ancestors. He has dark brown-purplish fur. He has light brown chest fur, the same color on his toes. The same color is around his mouth. He has green eyes and yellow around the green eyes


As a cub As a cub, Siri was very rude and ruthless. He was shown to be very nice around Mshtuko and Jasiri. He was shown to be adventurous around Maliki. He is also shown to be very nervous around Maliki's parents.

As an adult

As an adult, Siri is very mean. He joined up with Mosi to get the thrown back. He is no longer friends with Maliki. He can be very suicidal at points, like throwing himself off a cliff and trying to drown himself. 


  • All the pictures used in this article are made from bases here: TLK Bases by TrueLightPortal on DeviantArt, used with permission
  • He lives with Mosi when he is older.
  • He is younger than Maliki
  • He was a teenager when Mosi was born
  • He is the former mate of Mshtuko.
  • In the M-rated version of The Royal Generations, he tries to seduce Mosi.


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