Simba and Vitani are relatives and friends.

They've developed a close bond.

  • Simba dotes on Vitani's daughters.
  • He and Nala often offer advice and assurance to Vitani.
  • Simba learned to trust Vitani after Kiara befriended he
  • Vitani's daughters refer to him as Papa.

They're both immensely proud of Kion.

They show a deep trust in Kovu's judgment.

No Worries Vacation

  • Vitani bids goodbye to Simba 
  • She promises to help Kovu and Kiara 

Enemy Invasion

  • They witness the invasion.

A Sudden Arise

  • They witness the fire.

A Joyful Occurrence

  • They witness Kion's birth.

A Gaze Into Paradise

  • Vitani helps Simba's daughter run the kingdom.

A Joyful Occasion

  • They witness Belee and Denahi's birth.

Wonderful Day

  • They witness Kia and Kenai's birth.

Unexpected Romance

  • Simba takes part in Vitani's wedding.
  • He welcomes Kora into the family.

Surprising Event

  • Simba welcomes Vitani's daughter into the family.

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