Simba and Kion are relatives.

They have an affectionate and trustworthy relationship.

  • Simba has toned down his overprotective nature for Kion's sake at Kiara's urging.
  • He shows great concern about Kion and the formation of the new Lion Guard.
  • Kion is often told that he's very much like his father.

Simba often takes Kion out on patrol with him. 

He enjoys telling Kion stories about Mufasa.

Kion shows his affection for Simba by rubbing his head against Simba's foreleg.

No Worries Vacation

  • Simba and Nala comfort Kion as they depart,
  • It's Implied that this is the first time that they've been separated.

An Enjoyable Evening

  • Simba and Kion spend time together at The Meadow,

A Morning Walk

• Simba takes Kion on a walk around the Pridelands.

• Simba teaches Kion about The Circle Of Life.

Familial Bonding 

• Simba and Kovu take Kion with them on a patrol.

• Simba carries Kion on the way back.

Enemy Invasion 

• Simba defends Kion during the invasion.

A Sudden Arise 

• Simba protects and defends Kion during the fire.

A Joyful Occurrence 

• Simba is ecstatic at Kion's birth.

A Gaze Into Paradise 

• Simba has faith in his children during the vacation.

Family Vacation 

• Simba and Kion take part in the family vacation at Upendi.

• Simba and Kion take a nap together.

A Problem In the Savannah part 1 and 2 

• In Part 1 Simba orders Kiara and Nala to take Kion home to protect him.

• In Part 2 Simba and Nala tell Kiara and Kion about Kopa.

Unexpected Reunion

• Simba and Kion are reunited with Kopa.

• Simba introduces Kiara and Kion to Kopa.

A Love That Never Dies  

• Simba and Kion take part in Kopa and Clea's wedding.

• They welcome Clea into the family.

A Joyful Occasion

• Simba and Kion gain new family members when Kiara gives birth. 

A Wonderful day

• Simba and Kion welcome Kia and Kenai into the family.

Unexpected Romance

• Simba and Kion take part in Vitani's wedding.

Surprising Event

• Simba and Kion welcome Nita into the family

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