Simba and Kiara are relatives.

They have an affectionate relationship.

  • Kiara desperately wants to make Simba and Nala proud of her.
  • She's overwhelmed by Simba's legacy and is terrified of disappointing her parents.
  • Kiara insisted that Simba tone down his overprotective nature for Kion's sake.

Simba dotes on Kiara's children.

Kiara's the only one of Simba's children to call him Daddy

No Worries Vacation 

  • Simba and Kiara exchange a heartfelt farewell before Simba and Nala depart for Hakuna Matata
  • Simba shows faith in his daughter

An Enjoyable Evening  

  • Simba and Kiara spend quality bonding time together in the meadow.
  • Simba thinks to himself about how much he loves his children.

A Morning Walk 

  • It is mentioned that Kiara and Simba went on a walk through the Pridelands and watched the sunrise together when Kiara was younger.
  • Kiara has begun to tell the stories along with Simba.

Enemy Invasion 

  • Simba and Kiara are apart during the invasion.
  • Both Nala and Kiara are worried about Simba and Kovu.
  • Kiara greets Simba with  relief

A Joyful Occurrence

  • Simba and Kiara witness Kion's birth.

A Gaze Into Paradise 

  • Kiara struggles to run the kingdom and take care of Kion during her parents absence.
  • Simba shows undying faith in his daughter.

Family Vacation 

  • Simba and Kiara take part in the family vacation at Upendi
  • Simba surprises Kiara by not telling her where the vacation is 

A Problem In The Savannah Part 1 & 2 

• In Part 1 Simba orders Kiara and Nala to take Kion home.

• In Part 2 Simba and Nala tell Kiara and Kion  about Kopa

Unexpected Reunion 

• Simba and Kiara are reunited with Kopa.

A Love That Never Dies  

• Simba and Kiara take part in Kopa and Clea's wedding

• They welcome Clea into the family

A Joyful Occassion  

• Kiara gives birth to Belee and Denahi.

• Simba becomes a grandfather.

• Simba shows love and pride for Kiara.

A Wonderful Day

• Simba and Kiara gain new family members when Kopa and Clea have cubs.

Unexpected Romance 

• Simba and Kiara take part in Vitani's wedding.

• They warmly welcome Kora into the familY.

Surprising  Event

• Simba and Kiara gain a new family member when Vitani has her cub.

Difficult Discussion

Kiara reflects on how lucky she and her brothers are to have Simba and Nala

Romantic Getaway 

Simba and Kiara have a affectionate farewell.

Simba promises to protect Belee and Denahi

Dangeous Adventure

Simba comforts Kiara

Simba is concerned for Kiara

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