Kovu and Kiara's Daughter, Sierra

Kovu and Kiara's daughter, Sierra

"My grandfather told me a story about how he became king and what happened before that. It's pretty sad because Mom didn't get to meet grandfather's dad. But at least we all know that he's in a better place."
—Sierra talking to Kari
Sierra is a bright-eyed lion cub. As King Kovu and Queen Kiara's daughter, she is the future heir to the Pridelands. Her best friend is Zazu's daughter, Kari. Her crush is on Demon and Vitani's son,  Kopa, named after Kiara's brother, who was Vitani's first love before Zira murdered him.


She was born four long months after Kovu and Kiara's marriage, a ceremony being held in Sierra's honor. Like Mufasa did at Kiara's ceremony, he watched over Sierra's ceremony. She has a 9-year-old attitude, and she acts like Simba and Kiara when they were young.


She is a spunky, energetic, sassy princess. She enjoys chasing after birds her size (she chases Zazu with his daughter, Kari) and she loves dreaming about being the queen.


  • Kari: Kari is Sierra's best friend. They met when they were just little ones. They're so close, they're as thick as thieves.
  • Kovu and Kiara: She adores her parents with all her heart. Her favorite of the two is her mother.
  • Kopa: Her male best friend. She has a crush on him, although it's unclear if he likes her back.