Shamans are animals who treat diseases and injuries, and act as advisors to the Royal Family.


Some of a shamans tasks are:

  • Knowing all of the herbs and keeping a supply of them in their home. 
  • Treating wounded and sick animals.
  • Interpreting prophecies and omens. 
  • Bearing the knowledge of basic battle training in case they need them.
  • Providing the monarchy with guidance and advice.
  • Speaking with the Great Kings.
  • Rubbing certain herbs on an animals body when they have passed away to disguise the scent of death.
  • Training an apprentice.
  • Visiting the Moonpool.
  • Presiding over Kupatana.


See Shaman Apprentice


  • Nita shows considerable skill for organizing and sorting herbs. 
  • Rafiki collects herbs every afternoon.
  • Shamans and their apprentices cannot eat when going to the Moonpool to speak with the Great Kings.
  • Shamans are not allowed to take mates, in order to be fully dedicated to their duties,


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