Mini king

First Apperance: The Lion King: Kovu's Pride

Name: Sefu

Name meaning: Sword

Gender: Male

Siblings: Hisani

Personality: Like his mother alot; he's whiny, and a known trouble maker. He's like Scar more than his sister, Sefu is very indapendent, yet anit-social like his great great uncle was. Sefu is very unusual, but hopefully he will outgrow it.

Story: Sefu was born when his older sister was only a cub, Hisani was happy, yet sad at the same time. She didn't want a brother, she wanted a sister, but Hisani just had to accept it. Sefu began to whine a lot, and wanted his mommy all the time. Sefu has no crushes in his cubhood, but one day maybe he will.

Cool fact: He has a 2 toned mane when he's a adult.

Character (c) mackenzierae23

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