Scratchy was a lion during at the end of Scar's reign. Scratchy's parents are unknown. Scratchy looks a bit like Ahahi but with blue eyes, scars, and a red/black mane.


Scratchy was born shortly before Simba came to Pride Rock because Scar destroyed the Pridelands. Scratchy's father decided to help Scar but Scratchy's mother took the offer for her husband. She wanted the two to have a life without her (note Scratchy's mother was upset ever since the death of her family and wanted to be with them.)

"Don't tell Scratchy this happened. You take care of him well if I die. Scar needs help." - Scratchy's mother's final words

Scratchy's mother then ran to the top of Pride Rock. It was the last time Scratchy ever saw his mother.

After the death of Scar, Scratchy's father ran to Pride Rock to make sure his mate is okay. But when he saw her, flames were rising. Scratchy's mother was slightly breathing, covered in blood. Scratchy's father picked her up and ran out of Pride Rock. But when he placed her down, it was too late. Scratchy's mother was dead. All the lionesses, even Zira, walked to the body and grieved.

Simba then walked towards the lionesses. Zira looked at him with anger and started to yell at him.

"You killed a friend. A true friend of mine. You even killed Scar. He already has chosen an heir before you killed him, you murderer!"

Zira then ran to Simba and attacked! But Simba was powerful enough to block Zira's attack. Simba was mad. He banished Zira and her pride to the Outlands. Zira warned him that she will get her revenge one day. Scratchy's father grabbed Scratchy and gave Simba an angry stare.

But unknown to Scratchy's father, Zira then fell in love with him. Scratchy's father liked her but didn't act like it. But one day, Zira and Scratchy's father mated. Zira then became pregnant and gave birth to two little cubs named Zora and Chuki.


Zora had the same personality and almost the same look as Zira.

Chuki had the same personality as his dad. He got his three scars for trying to get into the Pridelands.

Anyways, Scratchy felt alone. His ex-mother and father seemed like they only cared about Zora and Chuki. So one day, he left the Outlands to see if his friend, Mabaya, but Simba knew who he was and attacked him so bad he was covered in blood.

There isn't much we know.


Scratchy is going to be the main antagonist in the Fanfiction: "The Lion King: Rise of Scratchy" that is planning to come out in 2018 on Wattpad

Rise Of Scratchy