Scar's Finale is a short story created by TheHyaenaQueen. In the story, set after the first movie, Scar has become brutally injured by his rebellious hyena gang, and is becoming very weak. Zira is heartbroken by this, and promises her leader that she shall avenge him, (Meaning she will kill the hyena matriarch, Bandele.) but there is a plot twist, where it is a dream by herself.

The Story

Scar was getting weaker by the day, his bones getting thinner and thinner. He laid down in his den behind Pride Rock, and began to cough. Zira had slunk by Simba's patrol, and ran to her leader, astonished by his wounds. "Scar, what has happened to you?" She asks. Scar looks up at her, and sighs. "Please, I'm not the talker." He groaned. Zira stared at him with a frown. "Scar..." She spoke in a way that sounded like his mother. "All right." Scar said, getting up. "It was the hyenas. Oh, they rejected me!" Scar groaned, putting his paw over his forehead. "They... hate me. I could've become king, only if that furball hadn't been born." He said. Zira stared at Scar, and spoke. "Scar, what if I could kill Bandele?" She said. Scar chuckled sarcastically. "A lioness cannot kills a hyena, dear. It is a male's job to do such a task!" Zira snapped at her leader. "You shall see, my lord." She said as she ran off, Scar laughing in the background.

On the way, she heard some laughter, possibly a hyena! Zira crouched down snarling, and then springed into the air, landing on a guard hyena. She growled, stating her question. "Where is your leader?" She snapped. The guard stammered, and whimpered. "Out with it!" Zira growled. He looked at the lioness, and finally spoke. "L-last, she w-was over by the p-p-pond." He said, covering his face. "Thank you for your words." She said as she trotted off, towards said pond. The guard laughed, whispering to himself. "Man, I got that girl good!" As Zira approaced a brown figure, she tilted her head, but still she crouched down. As she got closer, it turned it's head, and turned into her mother. "Mom.." Zira's last words were, as the dream ended.

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