The Savanna Pride is lead by Antonio and Dafini in Nala15's fan fiction Lord of the Plain.


Antonio: Leader

Dafini: Antonio's mate; second in command

Ruka: Antonio and Dafini's first born son; Taiche and Tibali's half-brother

Mifi: Ruka's little brother; Taiche and Tibali's half-brother

Tanari: Dafini's sister; second-best huntress

Manzi: Tanari's daughter; Shani's best friend

Neona: Tanari's daughter; Manzi's sister

Tibali: Antonio's son; Lumina's oldest son; Neona's boyfriend; Ruka's half-brother

Lumina: Antonio's other mate; third-best huntress

Taiche: Antonio's son; Lumina's younger son; Ruka's half-brother

Naomi: Fourth-best huntress

Kenobi: Naomi and Scar's illegimate son

Zolta: Naomi's younger sister; fifth-best huntress

Chee: Naomi and Zolta's youngest sister, a chion (cheetah/lion)

Garoe: Antonio and Dafini's adopted son; the heir to The Northern Plains

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