Sarafina and Simba are relatives and friends.

They have a respectful and affectionate relationship.

  • Sarafina is grateful for the affection that Simba has expressed towards her daughter.
  • She often watched Simba during his childhood.
  • Simba shows a deep respect in Sarafina's judgment.

Sarafina dotes on Simba's children and grandchildren.

They're both supportive of Kion.

No Worries Vacation

Sarafina and Simba have a affectionate farewell.

Simba promises to look after Nala.

Sarafina promises to look after Kiara and Kion.

A Gaze into Paradise 

• Sarafina  helps Simba's daughter while Simba is away.

Family Vacation 

• Simba invites Sarabi and Sarafina to go on the vacation with them.

A Problem in the Savannah  

• Sarafina  shows immense grief and worry when she saw Simba's injured state.

Unexpected Reunion 

• Simba and Sarafina  are reunited with Kopa

A Love That Never Dies 

• Simba and Sarafina  take part in Kopa's wedding.

• They welcome Clea into the family.

Unexpected Romance  

• They witness Vitani's wedding 

Surprising Event 

• They welcome Vitani's daughter into the family.

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