Sarafina and Nala are relatives.

They have an affectionate relationship.

  • Sarafina shows intense love and protectiveness towards Nala
  • Nala shows respect and love towards Sarafina.
  • They often hunt together.
  • Sarafina dotes on Nala's children and grandchildren.

They showed an instant support in Kion's abilities.

They have a strong faith in Kiara's decisions

No Worries Vacation 

• They have a affectionate farewell.

• Sarafina begs Nala to be careful

• Sarafina promises to look after Kiara and Kion.

An Enjoyable Evening 

• Sarafina is worried about Nala

• They have a affectionate reunion

Enemy Invasion 

• Sarafina protects and comforts Nala

• Sarafina goes hunting with Nala.

Sarafina helps Nala protect and comfort Belee and Denahi

A Sudden Arise

• Sarafina protects and comforts Nala during the fire,

A Joyful  Occurrence

• Sarafina shows immense pride and love for Nala at Kion's birth.

A Gaze Into Paradise

• Sarafina protects and comforts Nala's daughter during Nala's absence.

• They have a affectionate reunion.

Family Vacation

• Nala invites Sarafina to go on vacation with them.

• Sarafina goes hunting with Nala.

A Problem in the Savannah part  1 and 2 

• Sarafina and Nala comfort each other when they see Simba's injured state.

Unexpected Reunion 

• Sarafina and Nala are reunited with Kopa.

A Love That never dies 

• Sarafina and Nala take part in Kopa's wedding

A Joyful Occasion

• They witness Belee and Denahi's birth.

A Wonderful day

• They witness Kenai and Kia's birth.

Unexpected Romance

They  take part in Vitani's weddivg

Surprising Event

• They welcome Nita into the family.

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