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Sarafina and Kiara is the loving releationship between Kiara and her maternal grandmother.

They are shown to have a strong affectionate bond.

Kiara affectionally refers to her as Nona.

No Worries Vacation 

• Sarafina and Kiara both bid Simba and Nala goodbye.

An Enjoyable Evening 

• Sarafina and Kiara greet each other affectionally.

• Sarafina and Sarabi were deeply worried about Kiara

Enemy Invasion

• Sarafina and Kiara witness the invasion.

Hunting Experience 

• Sarafina  and Kiara take part in the hunting party. 

A Joyful Occassion 

• Sarafina  and Kiara witness Kion's birth

Gaze into Paradise 

• Sarafina and Vitani instantly agree to go warn the animals of the invasion, knowing Kiara wanted Kovu to stay with her.

• Sarafina comforts Kiara

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