Sarabi and Zazu is the friendly relationship between the former Queen Of Pride Rock and the Majordomo of the Pridelands.

They have a respectful bond.

Zazu is keeping a secret from Sarabi about Kion.

No Worries Vacation 

They bid goodbye to Simba and Nala.

An Enjoyable Evening 

They are left in charge of the kingdom.

Enemy Invasion 

They witness the invasion.

Sudden Arise 

They witness the fire.

Joyful Occurrence 

They witness Kion's birth.

Gaze Into Paradise

They help Kovu and Kiara run the kingdom.

Family Vacation

Zazu bids goodbye to Sarabi.

A Problem in the Savannah 

They are worried about Simba

Unexpected Reunion

They reunite with Kopa

A Love That Never Dies 

They take part in Kopa's wedding.

A Joyful Occasion 

They witness Belee and Denahi's birth

Wonderful Day 

They witness Kenai and Kia's birth.

Unexpected Romance 

They take part in Vitani's wedding.

Surprising Event 

They witness Nita's birth.

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