Samaki is the third child of Kiara and Kovu. She belongs to The-Rootbeer-Queen.


Samaki is extremely laidback and easygoing. She never thinks of stirring up trouble or being a nuisence, and is quite happy to do what she's told. Specifically if that means staying in one place and never having to move. She is level-headed, and a voice of reason between her siblings and friends. She can sometimes be told that she acts a bit like an adult, as she can sometimes go a little overboard on her telling offs. For the most part, Samaki just likes to chill and lay around.


Samaki has her father's coloring with a bit more of a tangerine hue. She is slightly stocky, and has a bit of cheek fluff though it doesn't hang down like Pippie's. Her eyes are an auburn blue.


Kovu: dad

Kiara: mom

Wawindaji: brother

Pippi: sister

Simba: grandpa

Nala: grandma

Kion: uncle

Jasiri: aunt

Nyota: cousin

Mkali: cousin

Sungura: aunt

Vitani: aunt


Upendi: best friend

Lindo: best friend

Mamba, Kaka, Haraka, Duma, Dada: Friends

Kage: friends

Nyota and Mkali: friends

Misuli: ?


  • Samaki is a little uncertain about her future
  • She loves hanging out with Upendi and Lindo, as they are the calmest of the friends.
  • She is a stickler for rules.

Stories she appears in

Cub trouble


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