Name: Sahir

Meaning: Charming In Arabic

Animal: Lion

Son of: Tama and Kion


Sahir is a charming, lovable cub who is extremely proud of his hertitage. He also likes to show off and flirt with other pretty lionesses. He tends to be a little stubborn at times and is a bit pouty when he doesn't get what he want. Unlike his brother (soon to be named) he is popular and known throughout the pridelands. He is never afraid to back down and will fight if necessary. 


Not sure yet but suggestions would be helpful.


Not sure.

Fun Facts

  • He is based on my crush, Rhys
  • I wanted to use Arabic because I want to do different langurges
  • He doesn't have the roar like his father or mothe, but his children will
  • He has no crush at the moment

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