To make clean
Masai giraffe

Safisha is a young male Masai giraffe and a member of the small bachelor herd of giraffes living just outside of the Imeatuka Desert.


Safisha is a slender, wiry giraffe with a long, arching neck. His coat is glossy and smooth, meticulously clean, and light sepia in color, broken by numerous star-shaped chocolate markings, so dark that they are almost black. He has long legs that are thin but strong, and a long tail ending in a thick, dark tuft. He has a rather long face, with two deep-set, verdant green eyes gazing out from beneath slim, pale brown eyelids with short, thin lashes. His face is relatively soft and smooth, and his ossicones are of average size and thickness. He has large, pale ears with darker inner ears.


Despite having such dark spots, Safisha is far from the dominant male of the herd. He strives to remain clean and unscathed, shying away from anything that might mar his sleek, immaculate coat. Unlike most males his age, Safisha does not like to engage in play fighting or necking. He prefers searching for fresh leaves to graze on or talking with another herd member, often offering gossip about the other herds, though they rarely care to hear it. He's teased occasionally by the other herd members, but rather than being put down, the more they do so, the more stuck-up and defensive he becomes. Fastidious and scrupulous, details rarely escape Safisha's gaze. Despite his fussy nature, however, he is very affable towards those who behave cordially towards him.


Early Life

Safisha is born into a herd of young male and fully-grown female giraffes in the Drylands. When he became older, he joined a bachelor herd of males.

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