Roxo lion


Roxo is a lion from the Nyasi Pride, and a member of the Nyasi Council.

Roxo is one of the most shy lions of the Nyasi Pride. His job in the Nyasi Council is to give speeches and announcements to the pride. This is ironic, because he gets nervous on the stage and stutters. Despite his anxiety issues, Roxo is very nice and caring to small animals, such as Muskett the rat.


Roxo had a rough childhood. When he was a cub his dad pushed him into a puddle of bleach poored out by some humans driving by, so his fur was light-colored his whole life. His parents were bad to him, so he became skiddish and not trusting of other lions. Because of this he lacked friends. However, he soon overcame these fears. He developed a love for smaller animals and fashion, which explains the dyes in his fur and occasional hats.


Roxo's fur is completely white (during his childhood, it was a light brownish-white, but he had it dyed all white). His mane is purple and red, his two favorite colors. He has purple eyes. He occasionally wears knitted hats he made himself.

Fanfiction Appearances

He appears in the begining of Stripe the Sky.

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