"What the Devil are you doing in here...?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Brady when he sees Rosha

Origin and Popularity
The Mysterious Meerkat
The Lion King V: Timon's Voyage
Close Relations
Daughter of Sharon
Nightclaw 6000
Rosha is Sharon's daughter from The Lion King V: Timon's Voyage. It's unknown who her father is, but she may not be born from love.


Years after their deaths, Brady was taking a nap in his house, which can make him get more special powers, that can also use Brady's strength for their own causes. Brady is soon awake and remembers his passion for responsibility and respect. He eats a chocolate and soon meets up with Sharon's mysterious daughter, who happens to live in his basement.

After Brady finds her, he wants Rosha to get Sharon back from the dead back somehow by the help of a sciencetest. After a long struggle, he realizes there is no way he could get her back, and slowly bonds with her daughter instead.


Rosha was first skeptic, snarky, sarcastic, and prefered to be alone. Now she is happy, nice, friendly, and caring.


Rosha looks every way like her mother, with the only difference is she has caramel-blond hair and rarley smiles.



The first time they met, Brady found her appearance to be familiar, but neither actually stopped talking to each other.

After afterward, Brady heard a creak and was able to smell her, but found her living in his basement. As they were random strangers to each others, they began to argue and it started as a bad realtionship. They did not give up his house.

Before Brady thought of killing her, his memory of Sharon returned and he learned Rosha was her daughter. While her had nothing to do with her, and felt upset about someone else was her father, he decided not kill or kick her out of his house.

As their both personalities were first negative, most of the conversations between them didn't improve their spirits. Even so, after Brady learned that there was no way to get Sharon back from the dead, Rosha soon understands the Brady played in her mother's life, and they started to bond each other.


Rosha only remembers her mother unhappy. Sharon's depression made her looked aged, and she died when Rosha was only 2 years old. This reveals that mother and daughter did not have real a relationship.

But Rosha seems to be interested in her and her past, as it tells the despression her mother never talked about.


  • In a way, "Rosha" is an anagram of "Sharon"
  • While Sharon is desinged to represent a woman, Rosha is more representabale to the woman
  • Considering Rosha was part of Brady's future as will be shown in his page, she does actually exsist

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