Revenant Meerkats are an uncommon, rare unique of meerkats that normally live an underground hole. While they look like their founder was unknown and is also unknown how they came to be.

They were originally going to be the Legend ancestor of the Meerkat This was later changed because there are some living, at the existence of them, they got 31 forms.

So they always keep moving, it can sometimes be hard to spot one.


These are the forms these Meerkats have:

  1. Gremlin Meerkat
  2. Pirate Meerkat
  3. Chupacabra Meerkat
  4. Manticore Meerkat
  5. Banshee Meerkat
  6. Poltergeist Meerkat
  7. Nessie Meerkat
  8. Revenant Meerkat
  9. Devil Meerkat
  10. Headless Meerkat
  11. Zombie Meerkat
  12. Snowy Meerkat
  13. Drop Meerkat
  14. Mummy Meerkat
  15. Orc Meerkat
  16. Kraken Meerkat
  17. Golem Meerkat
  18. Were Meerkat
  19. Dinosaur Meerkat
  20. Cerberus Meerkats
  21. Siren Meerkat
  22. Succubus Meerkat
  23. Incubus Meerkat
  24. Cyclops Meerkat
  25. Sasquath Meerkat
  26. Nandi Meerakt
  27. Rakshaa Meerkat
  28. Basilisk Meerkat
  29. Changeling Meerkat
  30. Frankenstien Meerkat
  31. Vampire Meerkat


Revenant Meerkats live in tribes and live in the same place for too long.

In honest they can be friendly and helpful towards other creatures, but don't have the desire to befriend anyone. They prefer to with together with their tribe instead.


They have black, white, grayish, or bluish fur in their Revenant form, and have spots and stripes at places meerkats don't have. They have retractable nails at their feets and hands, a fashion body, green or yellow eyes, and usually a medium muzzle.


  • Since Revenant Meerkats are not the ancestors of Meerkats, while they from the same family , it is implied that the Revenant Meerkat was involved from another series of much older meerkats.
  • Originally, these species were given a latin name, which had been translated into now: Revenant Meerkat

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