Ramnsha is a parent generation lion that belongs to Chisel's-on-the-way



Ramnsha is a yellow lion with a lighter yellow muzzle, paws, eyelids, and belly. He has black spots around his body and his mane and tail for is white. His eyes are purple and his nose is a dark red.


Ramnsha if very distant and selfish. He cares only for his needs and when those bee's are violated, he strikes the violator. He doesn't care who he strikes. He used to be caring and funny but ever since his wife died, he'been shutting everyone out. He sent his children away when his wife died and he didn't see them until Yevete came and said she wanted to be the best Hunter in the pridelands. Ramnsha is a great hunter and teaches other kids how to, occasionally.

Voice actors

Young-Bobby Gaylor

Teen-Shia LaBeouf

Adult-Ben Affleck

(Ramnsha doesn't sing because of his cold heart)






Likes- his friends, hunting, teaching people how to hunt

Crush- When Ramnsha was a kid he'd flirt with every lioness in the pridelands. No one tolerated him except for Simba and Siberia. He'd wrestle with Siberia almost every day. Once he grew up he started to see the beauty in Siberia, so he started flirting with her. Luckily for him, she already liked him back. So they got married and had two kids, Yevete and Mico. Then she died trying to stop him from almost killing Mico for disobeying his orders when he said to attack Kovu. So he was heartbroken when he killed her and sent his children away so he wouldn't hurt them anymore.

Dislikes- talking about his wife, bad outlanders, Scar, Zira, Any lion guard antagonists

Fears- hurting Yevete or Mico

Friends- Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Sarabi, Mwaminifu , Jasiri, Madoa, Kion, Beshtie, Ono

  • Ramnsha called Simba buddy until Siberia died
  • Ramnsha teaches lion cubs how to hunt

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