Ultimate Opened up a Google hangout plus with Anya again sitting next to him,this time drinking a soda.

Hello Everyone,Ultimate here coming to you from the United States of America and welcome to another Q&A! Ultimate yelled and Anya waved while drinking the soda.

Sup. Anya said and Ultimate raised an eyebrow.

Anya,you realize that's MY Soda right? Ultimate said

Well,Sorry...Connor. Anya said and Ultimate sighed and got out a box of Notes.

Question one is from Newmariofan..interesting. Ultimate said,Will you ever put villians from the lion guard in Huwezi...Well,Mariofan,I already did with the appearance and defeats of Makuu and Janja at the hands of the girl next to me.

Ultimate then got out another note and read it.

Question 2 is from a Facebook friend...Can I mess with Anya,if you know what I mean? Ultimate read and looked at the camera,Let me tell you not try to make sexual advancements towards MY character at ANY time...Ok,that's done.

Ultimate got out another one and gave it to anya.

Question 3 is from one of Ultimate's personal friends who reads his fanfics...To Anya:What is it like being the Daughter of 2 Prideland heroes? Anya read,Well in all fairness,its a privilege that doesn't really come to every person,Ya know?Im probably one of the people who didn't expect Fuli and Kion to be such big and popular People among the pridelands and Outlands alike.

Well..That's all for us today..Ta Ta! Ultimate said,then left.

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