Primitive panther

Basic concept of a primitive panther.

Primitive panthers are an uncommon, rare race of panthers that normally live in deep undiscovered parts of the jungle.
While they look like they were build for a certain climate; they can function in extreme cold and heat.

They are supposedly the prehistoric ancestor of the panther. Why and how the species has survived till this date is unknown, as the existence of their evolved form should've gotten rid of them altogether.

Because they always keep moving, it's hard to spot one.

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Primitive panthers don't live in tribes or stay at one place for too long.

In general they are friendly and helpful towards other creatures, but don't have the desire to befriend anyone. They prefer to be alone.


They have grey or black fur, and black manes going from their head, over their back, covering their tail.
They have long pointy ears, a long slender body, green or brown eyes, and usually a short muzzle.


  • Since primitive panthers aren't the direct ancestors of lions and tigers, while they are of the same family, it is implied that the primitive panther was evolved from another series of much older cats.
  • Originally, this species was only given a Dutch name, "oerpanter", which had to get translated into English; now "primitive panther".
  • Damy's lion-version has manes going over his back; much like primitive panthers.

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