This is a collection of terms used by the Pridelanders, and occasionally by other inhabitants of the Pridelands.

General Terms

  • Fresh-kill: A recently killed animal caught for the purpose of consumption.
  • Making dirt: Defecating.
  • Sharing tongues: Pridelanders grooming each other while sharing the latest gossip. 
  • Hunting PartyA group of lions hunting for fresh-kill to bring back for the pride to eat. May fight if there are trespassers.
  • Patrol: A group monitoring a specific area or to carry out a specific task.
  • Scent Markings: Markings made to show where a territory lies.
  • Border: Boundaries separating territory.
  • Grandniece: Cousin of your grandchildren, Daughter's niece. This term applies to Vitani's daughters and Kiara's nieces, Nita and Marigold.
  • Granduncle and Grandaunt: Parents of your aunt, Grandparents of your cousins. Referred to as Nana and Papa, this term applies to Kiara's parents, Simba and Nala.
  • Queen Dowager: Title given to the widow of a king. The current Queen Dowager is Simba's mother, Sarabi.
  • Matriarch Dowager: Title given to the widow of a leader. Shenzi is the current Matriarch Dowager of Janja's Clan.
  • Abdication: is the act of formally relinquishing monarchical authority. Shortly after his birth, Simba's grandfather, Ahadi abdicated for his sake.
  • MoonpoolA sacred place where Shamans and their apprentices share tongues with the Great Kings.
  • Rogue: A usually hostile animal who doesn't care about crossing boundaries.
  • Caught-prey: Another term for fresh-kill.
  • Majordomo: The formal title given to the chief confident and advisor to a monarch.
  • Fresh-kill pile: The place where the prey is stored.
  • Carrion: A dead animal that has begun to rot.
  • Abolishment: The ending of the observance or effect of a law.
  • King Father: Title given to the father of a reigning monarch.

Time Terms

  • Heartbeat: A split second.
  • Sunhigh: The point during the day when the sun is highest in the sky.
  • Moonhigh: When the moon is the highest in the sky; about midnight.
  • Moonrise: The time when the moon rises.
  • Sundown: Dusk.
  • Sunup: Dawn.
  • Newleaf: The season of spring.
  • Greenleaf: The season of summer. Also known as the Rainy Season.
  • Leaf-fall: The season of autumn.. Also known as the Dry Season.

Exclamations and Phrases

  • Cleanpaw: An (scornful) insult used for someone who sticks to the rules closely.
  • Furball: A (friendly, yet harsh) insult. Severity of the insult is almost always decided by tone.
  • Mouse-brain: A (friendly yet harsh) insult. Severity of the insult is almost always decided by tone.
  • Who made dirt in his/her fresh kill/nest?: An expression used to describe a cranky lion.
  • As easy as swallowing a minnow: A phrase used to indicate easiness of the task.
  • As much use as a dead hyena: A (harsh) insult, meaning the recipient is useless.
  • Doesn't matter a whisker: An exclamation meaning the lion does not care.
  • It's better to scare away a mouse than welcome a hyena: An old saying that means it's better to scare away a friendly lion than welcome a not-so-friendly lion.
  • May the Great Kings light your path: A friendly term used to tell others they wish them well.
  • Thistles and thorns: Used to describe bad luck.
  • When hyraxes fly: A statement that shows disbelief that a certain event will likely occur.
  • Pain in the tail: An insult meaning a lion is irritating or lazy.
  • You're madder than a hyena in a fit!: An phrase used when an animal is acting oddly.
  • Great Kings!: An exclamation used to signify extreme surprise or anger.
  • Sorry catches no prey: Means one can be sorry, but that will not change the past.
  • Who ruffled their fur?: Another expression used to describe a cranky lion.
  • Drypaw: An animal that dislikes getting wet.
  • You hunt like a hyena!: An expression used to insult an animal who hunts poorly.