The Pride Lands is a vast African savanna territory led by a the ruler of a pride of lions known as Simba's Pride, and inhabitanted by animals known as Pride Landers.


The lion or lioness that controls the pride rules the Pride Lands as king or queen. As such, the Pride Lands are regarded as his or hers. As king, his most important duty is to keep a peaceful existence and balance between the animals that inhabit the territory, ensuring that the lands flourish and remain prosperous for all the animals, including the pride.

When the ruler dies, whomever is next in line to succeed them, usually his son or daughter by his mate, assumes the dual roles of head of the pride and king of the Pride Lands. If the king has no offspring, the rulership passes to his eldest sibling. Beyond the borders of the Pride Lands, there is an Elephant Graveyard, the Back Lands, and the Outlands.

Pride Lands

The sun rises over the Pride Lands

The Pride Lands is very lush and bursting with life. Lakes, rivers, and waterfalls are scattered throughout, as well as groves of acacia and baobab trees. Boulders are common sights. There are multiple water sources, including waterfalls and ponds. The lands become lush and green during the rainy season. There is a large gorge that splits a part of the lands. One of its most notable structures is a hollow rock known as Pride Rock.

Appearances in Fanfictions

A list of fanfictions in which the Pride Lands appear that are on this wiki. If your fanfiction includes the Pride Lands, add it to this list.


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