"See those cliffs, way out there? Those are the Poromoko Cliffs. That's the end of our territory, it'd be too much of a pain to have to go around them or climb them every time we patrolled."

Poromoko Cliffs is line of cliffs that marks the eastern edge of the Drylands. It is avoided by those who lack climbing and leaping skills, but there are some animals that find the cliffs an ideal home. It is known for being the divider of the Pride Lands and the Drylands.


Each cliff that makes up the Poromoko Cliffs is composed of rough, solid-colored grayish brown stone. The alpenglow casts a rosy light upon them at dusk and dawn, causing them to appear reddish. There are many ledges, footholds, and crevices that make climbing them possible, though difficult. On the western side, the cliffs are less steep than they are on the eastern side. The tops of the cliffs are jagged and covered in small chips of stone that are quite painful if stepped on. The top of one broad cliff is flatter than the rest, and a shallow dip in the center of it is usually filled with water. There are several other sources of water, though they are small. The cliffs are a high avalanche risk due to the amount of loose rock that has accumulated on the tops of most of the cliffs.


The cliffs are inhabited by a large troop of baboons, who rarely leave the area. A small herd of Chanler's mountain reedbucks(one adult male, four adult females, one young male) also dwells atop the Poromoko Cliffs, mostly around the areas with water. There are also various rodents that dwell on the cliffs, as well family of rock hyraxes.


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  • Poromoko means 'steep' or 'fall' in Swahili.