Pippi belongs to The-Rootbeer-Queen. She is Kovu and Kiara's second born daughter.


Pippi is very rambunctious and playful. She tends to get into trouble often, and can't seem to stay away from it. She's very happy and always smiles. She can be a bit pushy and nosy, liking to get into others' buisiness. She can be a bit immiture, and no matter how old she gets, she is always a cub at heart. Although as she gets a bit older, she calms down a bit and becomes more serious.


Pippi has her mother's coloring, but it looks a little darker in tone. She has a bright pink nose, and gold eyes.

Pippi's lion guard

Since she is the second born of the king and queen, Pippi is the leader of her own lion guard. When she first found out, she was greatly excited. But she soon found that it was not all fun and games. She is the fiercest, which wasn't really a trait she had first thought she had. She didn't think she was meant for it, but soon it became appapparent that she was just the cub for the job.


Fastest: Haraka is the fastest.

Keenest of sight:

Strongest: Misuli is the strongest


These are the animals that she has faced while protecting the pridelands.

Osiris: troublemaker that often causes grief for her friends


Kiara: mom

Kovu: dad

Wawindajii: brother

Samaki: sister

Sungura: aunt

Vitani: aunt

Fuli: aunt

Upendi: cousin

Mamba: cousin

Kaka: cousin

Duma: cousin

Dada: cousin

Haraka: cousin

Nuka: uncle

Dotty: aunt

Zana: aunt

Litho: uncle

Spotty: aunt

Kion: uncle

Jasiri: aunt

Mkali: cousin

Nyota: cousin


Mkali: good friends

Nyota: good friends

Upendi: good friends

Mamba: good friends

Kaka: good friends

Duma: good friends

Dada: good friends

Haraka: good friends

Oregano: good friends

Rikki: good friends

Bungalow: good friends

Lindo: good friends

Cage: good friends


  • She has no crush at the moment
  • She loves spending time with her cousins and friends, and sometimes will get annoyed when her guard duties get in the way.
  • She is often getting lectures about 'what a respectful leader of the guard must be' from her uncle Kion.

Stories she appears in

Cub trouble