"What's the hurry?"
This story is on hiatus. This means that the writer of the story is not actively continuing it.

What would have happened at the end of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, if Zira had took Kiara's Paw? I did not write the first and second chapter though.

Chapter 1

Kiara has just attempted to protect her father, though working, the two lioness both fell over the ledge.

Simba was torn as Kiara and Zira went over the edge, he went to follow them, hearing Nala's shouts, he quickly arrived at her daughters side. When he got there he expected to see the worst, yet what he saw, was amazing. Kiara and Zira side by side. Simba was speechless, had Zira changed, or had Kiara pulled Zira up against her wishes? There were so many questions, yet now wasn't the time or place.

"Kiara, Zira..." Simba said in a shaky voice, "Let's get out of here" he said as his voice normalized. Climbing up the cliff, helping Kiara and Zira when they needed it, they slowly approached the top, simba stopping and speaking. "Zira, when we get over here, Will you attack me, and my pride?" He asked, preparing for the worst. Meanwhile on top of the gorge, many of the pridelanders and even outsiders were curious to what was happening down there. Had something tragic happened?

Seeing her grand-daughter, and her daughters mate go over the edge, an old Sarafina was distraught. Knowing how she felt, she knew Nala would be feeling even worse, and she knew she had to act. "Nala..." Sarafina said walking to her daughters side, "Nala... Are you alright?" She asked in a shaky voice, nuzzling her daughter, and purring to comfort her.

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