Vurugu Pride
A Friendly Lion
Pasua is a lioness and a member of the Vurugu Pride.



Pasua is a somewhat average-looking cub, leaning towards the runty side by the standards of her pride. However, she's large enough to avoid being killed for her weakness. Her head is quite noteworthy in its size, seeming far too big for her body. She has soft copper fur, light tawny being present on her muzzle and underbelly. Her eyes are light peach, and her nose is dark brown.


Large and thick, Pasua is a very sinewy lioness with a patchy brown coat that is missing many large tufts, revealing the scarred, pinkish skin below. Her underbelly and muzzle are tan, while the tuft at the end of her tail is dark ochre. She has the appearance of one who gained too much muscle in too short a period of time- her skin seems to bulge, and her tail appears far too small for her body. In contrast, her head, which once looked as though it was too large for her, is now proportional to the rest of her. Her eyes are pale orange, with impressively thick black eyebrows. She has a large, pronounced black nose with a scar down the center and a shredded ear.


Quiet and subservient, Pasua seldom utters a word. She lives her violent life without questioning, disagreeing, or rejecting, accepting all that comes her way. Though not truly servile, she has yet to think twice about an order imposed upon her by a highly ranked lion. Though "stupid" might be too harsh a word to assign to her, despite the claims of her pridemates, it would be fair to say that she is something of a cloddish oaf who thoughtlessly refuses to apply her own brain to situations, allowing others to lead her through her life. She is quite stolid and unimaginative, never offering ideas or suggestions. No matter what happens, her phlegmatic ways do not show any signs of faltering. She is a poor hunter and is often punished for her lack of skill.


Early Life

Pasua's parents were two lions who never loved each other and never wanted cubs. Pasua was the only young one who lived to adolescence. She never learned to love or care for others, only to follow Katili and carry out her commands. For this reason, Pasua did not object to being assigned a mate.

However, her mate died in a battle with the Gheiri Pride, leaving Pasua without a partner. She trusts that Katili will soon assign her a new male, and has no opinion about this.

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