Outsiders (also known as Outlanders) are an offshoot of Simba's Pride. They are a pride of lions who remain loyal to Scar after his death. Because of their ties to his tyrannical uncle, Simba banishes them to the Outlands, where they remain until the pride is disbanded, and its members become accepted into Simba's Pride again.

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Outsiders are just the opposite of Simba's Pride; they live for conflict, more specifically, conflict with the Pridelanders. They are a determined and uncouth breed, willing to wade through rain-stirred mud in order to start a war. When Simba offers them a chance to go home and avoid conflict, they refuse and attack.

However, they aren't all mindlessly violent. When offered a chance to enter the Pride Lands for a better and more peaceful life, they eagerly accept, even submitting to Simba, their once sworn enemy. Only Zira refuses, still consumed by hatred and the past.

Appearance in Fanfictions

A list of fanfictions in which the Outsiders appear that are on this wiki. If your fanfiction includes Outsiders, add it to this list.


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