Osiris belongs to The-Rootbeer-Queen. She is the only daughter of Reirei and Goigoi She is one of the villains that Pippi'a guard has to face.


She is very clever and cunning like her mother. She has perfected the art of deception, and is often trying to trick some poor soul. She can be a bit snobby and stuck up, but for the most part she's actually pretty calm. She lives to please and tries to work extra hard to impress others, even if it means changing herself entirely. She's pretty rash, and goes with the first thing in her head in a bad situation. She's very feisty and doesn't let anyone push her around.


She looks like all her brothers, except for she has her mother's green eyes.


Being the only female in a family can be hard. But it's definitely not hard for Osiris. She pushes her brother's around and can be pretty feisty even though she's younger than them. When she heard of their encounter with the pridelands, she became fascinated by it. She ended up going to the Pridelands, and like her family once had, began stealing things. Pippi and her lion guard heard about it, and went to stop her. She was chased out, but that didn't stop her from coming back when ever she can.


Reirei : mom

Goigoi: dad

Dogo: older brother

other un-named siblings


Pocca: best friends.


  • She has no crush at the moment
  • Despite her pushing him around alot, Dogo takes it upon himself to look after his sister.
  • She and Pocca, a rare white crocodile, are partners in crime.
  • She likes to take advantage of others who don't know her

Stories she appears in

Can't We All Just Be Friends?