Ono and flock

Ono's Flock is a group of egrets that appear in The Lion Guard.

Canon History

The Lion Guard Return of the Roar

Ono and his flock are resting until Kion and Bunga arrive, chasing each other. Ono alerts his flock, and they scatter as per his warning cry.

The Lion Guard

Fuli's New Family

The Lion Guard worry that they are not being a good enough friend to Fuli, so Ono invites her to hunt with his flock. They eat the flies that are attracted by the elephants as they wade through the mud. Fuli is left unimpressed when one of the elephants kicks up some brown substance on her shoulder, which Ono tells her is 'not mud'.

Never Roar Again

Ono's flock notice that Ono is missing his head and tail feathers, after they are knocked off during a mission. Although Ono feels awful, he cheers up a little when his feathers start to grow back later, and his flock grabs his attention to show him how they have removed their own feathers, since he has started a trend.

Named Members


Appearances in Fanfiction

Here are all the fanfictions that this group makes an appearance in that are on this wiki. If your fanfiction includes Ono's Flock, add it to this list.

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