Nyota belongs to Sarah the FBI pup She is the second-born daughter to Kion and Jasiri.


Nyota is playful and sweet. She's very loving and bubbly. She enjoys playing and conversing with all kind of creatures. She doesn't mind the fact that she's part lion part hyena and finds her brother and herself unique. She is very pleasant to be around, and always wears a smile. She loves to hang with her aunt, and the two are very close.


Nyota looks a bit like a Hyena cub, with a few lion cub traits. She has the main building of a hyena cub, she has hyena ears, spots, and fur.. but her tail looks like a lions and her paws are a little bigger like a lions as well.




Kion: father

Jasriri: mother

Mkali: brother

Kiara: aunt

Kovu: uncle

Simba: grandpa

Nala: grandma

Nyoki: grandpa


Loca: best friend


  • Nyota means 'star' in Swahili
  • She has no crush at the moment.
  • She and her brother are very close

Stories she appears in

Cub trouble


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