The Nyasi Council is a group of lions appointed by Kirgu who work for the king and the pride to help make everything work in the kingdom. They all have their own job, but they are all responsible for making desitions as a whole to benifit the kingdom. They assemble every other day to discuss issues across the kingdom. Kirgu trusts it's members wholeheartedly and tells them his deepest secrets.


  • Kirgu: King and leader of the council
  • Kama: The queen of the Pride. Kama's job is to fill in for Kirgu when he is gone, but Kama mostly sleeps or grooms herself during the meetings.
  • Rosepetal: Rosepetal works as the medicine cat of the Pride. If a cub stubbed his toe or someone is sick she takes care of it. She is also constantly finding new remedies for sickness and illnesses. She is consitered one of the most important lions in the group.
  • Ajex: Ajex is an inventor and builder. He's invented several inovations in the Pride, such as paint and dyes, which are used by many lions such as Telav.
  • Roxo: Roxo's job is announcer. He stand up in front of all the lions to make announcements. This is ironic, because Roxo is very shy and timid.
  • Cyrus: Cyrus is both smart and strong, so he thinks up many ideas for laws.
  • Safed: Safed is offical script writer. He writes down laws so they can be remembered. He also writes letters to other prides.

Although he's not an official member, Muskett the rat often helps think up ideas.